bodybuilder in baggy clothes

Why Do Bodybuilders Wear Baggy Clothes?

If you’re a bodybuilder, chances are you’ve struggled to find fitted clothing for your unique physique. You might have even resigned yourself to wearing clothes that are too baggy for your body shape.

If this is you, then you are definitely not alone. In fact, the majority of men with a bulkier frame have at one time or another struggled to find their perfect fit. Unfortunately, off-the-rack clothes are made with one body type in mind- the average, slim build.

This has nothing to do with what people think of your body. It has just become an accustomed part of clothing design that will appeal to the majority. This doesn’t help men with a bodybuilder physique though.

So why do bodybuilders wear baggy clothes? For many men, the thought of wearing clothes that look restrictive and feel too tight or uncomfortable is quite understandably not an appealing one. It’s no wonder then that many men simply choose to wear baggy clothes instead.

bodybuilder in baggy clothes

But hey, all hope is not lost, because believe us when we say that there are certainly clothes out there that will suit your physique.

The other part of solving this puzzle is all down to learning what types of clothes and fits suit you best and where you can find them.

Plus, once you’ve read our guide, you can say goodbye to baggy, shapeless clothes for good.

How Do Guys Show Off Their Body?

As a bodybuilder you’ve likely got a much more pronounced physique than that of the ‘average’ build. Your shoulders and chest are likely to be much bigger and more muscular.

You might also have a slimmer waist, and bigger legs, so all in all, your proportions differ greatly to the average body image. Of course this means that your requirements for clothes will also be much different.

If this is you, then you’ll know that you want to show your body off in the right way to compliment your shape.

And why shouldn’t you? Bodybuilders show, or at least want to show, off their body by drawing attention to their broad shoulders and chest.

Best dress shirts for bodybuilders

This means choosing shirts that sit snug on the chest and tapers down to the waist. Likewise, men with a bulkier frame are more likely to want to show off their body by wearing trousers that flatter their muscular thighs.

The problem is, many clothes don’t take into account that men with this type of shape have contours and shapes which need to be catered to and as such many shirts, for example, don’t have the tapering at the waist to add in that shape.

Until now...

clothing for bodybuilders

Olive Tapered Fit Shirt

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Similarly with trousers, many jeans and trousers are made with the slim guy in mind, e.g skinny fitting jeans.

While skinny jeans/trousers are still very much in fashion, these types of shapes can make a bulkier man look much more top heavy and disproportionate to the rest of his body.

While he wants to show off his shape, these often, straight or skinny shapes don’t fit the requirements for this particular body shape and can instead look too tight and rigid on the person.

Why do Muscular Guys Wear Oversized Shirts?

Muscular guys wear oversized Baggy shirts because its the easier option. Normal sizes don't fit correctly on the body. But oversized completely hides the body that many people have spent a lot of time working to show off.

Baggy clothes have a lot of overhang and annoying material that just buries the body underneath.

Many men understandably feel a lot less confident in baggy clothes, but when the alternative is ill-fitting and tight clothes, this can seem the lesser of two evils. This is also noticeable in the gym environment.

If you’re going to the gym, you are obviously going to want to wear clothes that give you room to move. Restrictive clothes are not going to help you get the job done. The answer then, becomes to hide your body underneath layers of clothes instead. 

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How do Baggy Clothes Look Muscular?

Here’s the thing about baggy clothes, they won’t make you look muscular. They will however, hide your muscles and your shape under their layers.

This is because most baggy clothes lack structure and shape, which in turn doesn’t help you to show off your physique in the best light.

If you are a man with a muscular build, who wears baggy dress shirts and not ready to buy a whole new wardrobe just yet there are a few things you can do to get them working for you better. For one thing you can have them adjusted to work with your shape.

This includes getting them altered by a tailor, who will add in that shape to work with your muscles.

For example if the sleeves of your t-shirt hide your bicep, your t-shirt will likely need to be adjusted to remove some of the unnecessary fabric and mould the shape to your muscles.

T-shirts fitted for bodybuilders

Burgundy Tapered Fit T-Shirt

The same applies to the waist of your t-shirt. A baggy t-shirt will drown your body, making it look shapeless. Adding some tapering into the shirt can help to create that unique shape that you want. 

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The Best Clothes For BodyBuilders

The best clothes for bodybuilders are going to be a happy medium between comfortable and well fitting. If you think that’s impossible for your bodybuilder shape, then let us tell you that it is not.

Starting with your top half, Tapered Menswear can definitely help you get the best out of your style, with shirts, t-shirts and polos that complement the bodybuilder shape.

Best clothing for bodybuilders by Tapered MenswearNavy Tapered Fit Shirt

We have shirts for formal occasions and T-shirts for everyday wear, the similarity between our range? They’re made to flatter and fit men with more muscular frames.

All of our shirts and t-shirts are expertly cut in a V-shape to reduce the amount of fabric around the waist.

The effect is a well-shaped, structured piece that sits snug on the shoulders, chest and biceps, without the dreaded muffin top that comes with baggy clothes.

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If you’re worried about comfort, all of our range is crafted in a super-soft heavy weight cotton to give you all the movement you need while the shirt itself moulds and conforms to your body contours. 

Tapered Menswear, is for any man looking to build up his capsule collection with staple pieces that will stand the test of time and keep you looking your best, whatever the occasion.

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